123D Design for 3D Printing

A free course based on YouTube videos, teaching the basics and more of 123D Design, great free 3D printing software from Autodesk

The explosion of interest in 3D printing, with the revolution it promises in all sorts of manufacturing and making, from medical prototyping to crafting jewelry, has been matched by the growth of websites offering models and printing services. So what if you want to make your own model? Which program should you use? 123D Design, published by Autodesk, is a good place to start. Its free, and relatively easy to use. If you want to go commercial with your 3D models, you will either need to upgrade to a Premium membership, or upload the models to 123D Gallery.

First objects
Moving, snapping, cruising
Add, subtract and intersect
Grouping objects
Edges, faces, points
Mirroring objects
Punch a hole in a box
Revolve a profile
Cut a groove in a cylinder
Making a shield
Creating a cup shape
Making a circular pattern
Lofting a tailpipe
3D printing fron 123D Design

What's included

  • 15 High quality lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Simon Rodway